What. A. Day.

When Republican presidential candidates kicked off their debate on November 10, they found that the stage had already been set — by the Fight for $15 movement.

Workers in home care, child care, fast-food, and other industries forced the issue … Read the rest

Home Care Sees Large Wage Decline

Banner reading home care workers for $15

It’s not your imagination — home care wages are falling behind.

Wages have been dropping farther and faster while the bills keep going up. Home care workers like Jasmin Almodovar love their jobs, but Jasmin hasn’t had a raise since … Read the rest

#FightFor15 Strike, Tuesday, Nov. 10

Home care workers marching on April 15

Home care workers will march in support of fast-food workers during their biggest-ever strike on Nov. 10—one year from Election Day— to take the Fight for $15 and union rights to the ballot box and show candidates of all political … Read the rest

#Take15For15 on the one year anniversary

Kara says home care workers are worth more! Holding a sign.

On this day a year ago, thousands of home care workers first joined striking fast food workers in the #FightFor15 by marching with them in the streets. Since joining we’ve won $15 for home care providers in Massachusetts and Oregon … Read the rest