Interactive State Care Gap Map

America is in the midst of a senior care crisis. 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day and 90 percent of these older Americans want to stay in their homes. The demand for home care is exploding, but our long term care system is not equipped to meet families’ needs. There is a significant shortage in the paid workforce that is – and will be – available to care for America’s seniors as we age.

Our long term care system must be restructured to ensure affordability, availability, and quality for all consumers.

Older Americans and their families should be able to afford the care they need in the setting they choose. Those who need care should be able to find a qualified home care worker. Finding reliable, quality care should be a consistent, easy process throughout every city and state. And, in order to ensure home care services are of the highest quality, we need to build a robust support system for caregivers and consumers, including higher wages, better training opportunities, and clearer career pathways.

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For full methodology, read see care gap report.

The “Care Gap” is the Number of Home Care Consumers per the Number of Home Care Workers in a State or Metro Area.