Home Care Workers Speak Out at White House #StateOfWomen Summit

The United State of Women

Home care workers from across the country were honored this week to go to the White House’s United State of Women Summit and the Department of Labor’s follow-up event on women workers to take a hard look at what’s going wrong with our home care system today. Wages are too low, hours are irregular, and we don’t have the benefits and job security we need to do our jobs well.



Demand for home care workers is exploding — 10,000 people turn 65 every day — and we don’t have enough people to take care of our aging loved ones because home care isn’t a good job right now.

90 percent of home care workers are women. Home care is one of the fastest-growing, lowest-paid jobs. That low pay directly impacts millions of women.


Watch Home Care Worker Betzaida Share Her Story during the #StateOfWomen Summit:

I’ve been a home care worker for 25 years – long enough to call me an expert. I used to have a well-paying, government job, but I left it to get back into home care because it’s my calling — I love caring for people. But I get paid just $9 an hour when I go to work for the home care agency near me.

Sharing my story with other home care workers and hearing from other women at the United State of Women Summit was incredibly powerful, but I want to make sure our work doesn’t stop there.

Please check out the video and spread the word to your friends and family

Paula Gibbs
Home Care Worker
Fight for $15


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