Home care workers march for $15 at Iowa GOP Debate

Home Care Workers in Iowa

On Thursday, January 28, home care workers from Iowa were in Des Moines to support fast-food workers going on strike for the first time. They were on strike for $15 and union rights and along with thousands of other underpaid workers later converged on the Republican debate to challenge candidates to “come get our vote.”


Workers on strike in Iowa


The unprecedented event was another in a series of actions taken to hammer home to candidates that the nearly 64 million Americans paid less than $15 an hour are a voting bloc that cannot be ignored.

In attendance was Estella Bell, from Iowa, who laid out why she joined the #FightFor15 on the streets.



Home care workers are uniting to show that we have a voice, and it’s time for the politicians to listen up. Like Estella said, “We demand change, and we’re gonna fight until we win!”



Join us in pledging to get out and vote – for home care workers, our families, and $15 an hour for everyone. Take the $15 home care voter pledge today.


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